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Instructables has taken a turn for the worse. Now you have to be a paying member to view secondary pictures and a host of other previously-available options. I've put so much time and energy into my submissions and been so inspired and flattered by the user comments.
I feel like I've lost a pet. I've removed all but the front page of my three instructables (all were featured and one was included in the Best of Instructables book) and inserted the text below. I've temporarily place all the pictures on my flickr page until I find a new home for them.


This instructable, including hours of time and personal resources, were donated without charge to the DIY/open source communities. Unfortunately, instructables.com has changed the way in which it does business and users are now required to purchase a pro account in order to view instructables the way the authors intended and understood their audiences to be able to view them. The pro account announcement came without fanfare (sneaky!) although its effects are far-reaching.

The information previously contained in this instructable will be placed elsewhere, probably on my personal blog, in the near future. I'll update this page once that happens. Until then, I am more than happy to send anyone a .pdf of the original instructable. Just email me at kayobi/gmail.

To instructables: this is a slap in the face to the DIY & open source communities. While I understand we must all pay the bills, you should know this isn't the model that works. You don't reward those who have gifted you the very data has has been the root of your success by taking away their audiences. Shame on you.

Black Rock City Community Center

Black Rock City Community Center - 40 person camp with keyhole placement (9:00 & C) -

On-playa registered art project - Notice of Proposed Land Use sign

The Dark Side -- 26' Refrigerated Art-truck decorated like a the Lunar Lander but is actually a bar that will offer hot cocktails inside a 40 degree truck in the middle of the playa from noon to 5 daily

Multiple in-camp art projects


Condo Ads to compliment aforementioned art project

The Moonrock – (of course)

Flag Garden – BM camp flags from the days of Yore.


Registered Merit Badge Workshops:

Malt Liquor Tasting

AA Meeting (Alcohol is Awesome) / Beer Shotgunning

Ravers Anonymous

Couples Showering

Bingo - and here 

Tent Folding Clinic

Knot Tying

(Thanks for permission to post this xamichee!)


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Moskowita, Isa Chandra and Romero, Terry Hope
Cupcakes A to Z
Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World

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